An Amazing App
That Does It All.
Do task - earn tokens!

Platform awarding tokens for completing tasks

Stable coin 1 XGSCOIN = game coin 1 USDG.
*Limited numbers of USDGOLD


Big Idea

Transform gaming model from «The player spends» to «The player earns».


Free download and register app.


Play, complete tasks and earn USDGOLD.


You can withdraw USDGOLD to your wallet.

MMO Game
Real Ownership

How The App Works?


Install app from Google Play or Download and Install app from our server.


Start a game, enter the login and the password and there will be an automatic registration of your account.


Play, collect bonuses and perform tasks. Receive for this USDGOLD, everything is simple!


You receive USDGOLD for each race.
You receive USDGOLD for each bonus.

Loaded With Features You Would Absolutely Love

«Veni, vidi, vici»


Paid items do not influence the game balance.

Respect to the time

The player gets maximal earnings for a short gaming session.

Bots protection

The fight against bots by using computational algorithms and the verification system.

Simplicity & clarity

Clear game rules and simple system of withdrawal currency.

Share give coins

Share your referral link with friends and receive USDGOLD.


Play & Earn.

Our Users Love Our App!

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Great, Awesome, Beautiful.

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This is the best game ever in all money race games.

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It is a nice game i guess but pls let us come out of the car to explore and also let us have shops and buy things.


Human Coins Earnings

An emerging genre of gaming. In this genre, blockchains are propagated and rewards are distributed on the basis of player success in online gaming competition.

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